Long Long Hair The Secret UNVEILED !


My final Update – its been Over 4 weeks since I have used the Love Long Hair shampoo and Conditioner duo . This was initially sent to me as part of a Blind Test .I have been Loving the Product , they has been no denying that .
It lathers up so well , and the smell has grown on to me . I have barely dented the shampoo and conditioner bottle , considering I have been using it for 4 weeks . It would probably last me another month . Also as I mentioned I have really long hair .
Texture wise I feel my hair has become healthier , and more soft . The conditioner replenishes my hair with the vital nutrients and Oils  that my hair looses after shampoo. I use the Love Long Hair conditioner twice a week and its lite yet nourishing .

The Secret is finally Unveiled ! 
And the mystery duo is the ..
LoveLonghair3 (2)
Now knowing what I was using makes me like this Duo even More ! . Im a lover of the Garnier Fructis Leave In conditioners and their hair care line .Now thinking about it again , I feel the smell should have hinted me it was a Garnier Product . Because all the Garnier Fructis Hair Line smells out of this world . All in all I would repurchase this , and I do feel it is a great clarifying shampoo , moisturising conditioner which is perfect and would help hair growth allot. Also all garnier Hair products are pretty affordable which is always a plus for me .
Rating :4/5

Love Long Hair – Review

Its been Over 2 weeks since I have used the Love Long Hair shampoo and Conditioner duo . This was initially sent to me as part of a Blind Test . We often Beauty Bloggers are asked to do such tests . My opinion has not changed much . I have been liking it even more .


Lately the weather in Hyderabad has changed dramatically , temperatures are getting low , its raining and strong winds  . I have been putting this duo on the test during the extreme weather changes . Let me tell you my hair hasn’t felt any cleaner and smoother ever . I have used allot of shampoos , for different weather conditions; to combat my dry hair in the winters and clarifying shampoos during the summers , this seems to work its wonders during both .
For those who don’t know about the Love Long Hair shampoo and conditioner it helps to gently cleanse and moisturize hair while controlling frizz. It is promoted to help hair grow long at the same time maintain its health and shine .
The main feature that makes the Love Long Hair shampoo and conditioner duo different when compared to others is that , this  deep cleans my hair and also moisture’s it at the same time . This Conditioner is so smooth and Milky which aims to replenish the moisture back in my hair . Leaving it shiny , bouncy and healthy after every wash . This plays a major role in keeping your hair healthy to promote its growth .
In terms of length I dint see a major difference . Also since I have long hair , it helps me maintain it and keep it frizz free .
Lastly I love the simple packaging . Its so sleek which I totally appretiate . I dislike shampoos and conditioners to have glass or other packaging because it will just get ruined in the shower because of the water and steam.
All in all I have been Loving this product . I will get back to you with the final reveal .Till then you can guess in the comments below.