Look Out for These Ingredients to Keep Skin Safe During Pregnancy

Being a pregnant means your going to experience things you wouldn’t expect. Body will transform in so many ways. Skin stretches to abnormal proportions. Hair feels thick and out of place. Pain might start to jolt up in the thighs. Yes, you going to go through a lot of changes. Sadly, you are also going to use certain products and that can be a issue. A issue because the products have ingredients that can affect your skin which can affect your baby. Read more about this below.

Avoid products With Retoniods

Retoniods are not chemicals most people will tell you are bad. Retoniods, are strong anti-agent chemicals that is used to regenerate skin cells. Despite that, they are bad for pregnant women and that is why you should avoid. Vitamin A is locked into the ingredients. Vitamin A is very bad for baby. The baby can be injected with too much vitamin A and become deformed. Vitamins that enter your body travel to the baby and you. Don’t ever take a vitamin thinking it goes to you only. Buy products tailored for pregnancy to avoid getting a high dosage of any vitamin.

Furthermore, pregnancy products tend to be well balanced for pregnant women. Treats acne you don’t want to have and provide additional skin protection for smooth skin.When looking for the best face cream for pregnancy, look for a cream that is made for pregnant women. Any product you buy must be made for pregnant women. Pregnant women have very delicate bodies. They need treatment that fits their changing weak body type.

Salicylic Acid Used Too Much is Bad

Salicylic acid is recommended by doctors to be used in small instances. Unfortunately, the acid is used with most beauty products today. Woman might get sick from using a lipstick liner. Chemical is in a lot of stuff. Avoid using too much beauty product with salicylic acid. For example, If you want to put a huge amount of lipstick on, consider getting lipstick without salicylic acid. Do what is needed to avoid causing  your baby problems after birth. After all, you do want your baby to have no problems right?

To add, when face cream for face, make sure it doesn’t have salicylic acid in it. Though, most women tend to ignore the concept of all beauty products affect pregnant child. I think I need to say it clearly again. Women like washing their face and there is nothing wrong with this. Moreover, there is nothing wrong with looking good every day for the outside world to touch. While, need to ensure the face product has no salicylic acid in it. Faces tend to absorb a high amount of chemicals. Imagine what damage the baby could have mentally or physically. Always use the best face cream for pregnancy on the market. Do not go cheapo because its your child on the line.

Best way to clean your makeup sponge and Remove stains

I always come across people asking me how to clean a makeup sponge such that they look and feel brand new . You can find makeup sponge cleaners /cleansers in the market these days . I know that BeautyBlender have one and many companies have started such products . But to be honest Im not the one to spend money on such products . Im a Johnson’s Baby shampoo kind off girl .Also as I have acne I generally clean my sponges everyday and if I used a cleaner it would run our in a week or so . But make sure that if you are using a soap don’t use it directly on the product , and keep it exclusively for your makeup .


Im using a Realtechniques Miracle Complexion Sponge which has a week old makeup and foundation .I purposely waited so you can see that this method will clean dry layers of makeup .
All you need :
  • Baking soda 
  • Water
  • Soap
Leave the soap in the water for a few minutes and remove it , if your using Liquid soap then add two pumps . Add the baking soda and dunk you sponge in and leave it for 5 minutes .
Remove it , squeeze and rub if needed . The makeup generally slides away leaving the water dirty. Rinse under clean running water till the sponge water comes out clean . Leave it to dry in a ventilated cool place .
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