Why Are Lips Still Dry When Using Lipstick?

A dry lip is a common problem and it causes irritation and discomfort to the person. Why are lips still dry when using lipstick? Taking care of yourself is the best way to prevent yourself from problems. Applying moisturizer, lipstick, oil, and lotion is compulsory if you want to keep your face beautiful. By using Top Beauty Land tips, you can improve your skin issues. Most of the girls love to do makeup whenever they go out of their homes.

Wearing lipstick is an essential part of the makeup. When you apply lipstick, you look beautiful, but some people feel that lipstick makes their lips dry. So you should buy the best lipstick for dry lips to avoid roughness. When you purchase special lipstick, it has a reliable content named glycerin, which will not make your lips dry even after using it.

Why Are Lips Still Dry When Using Lipstick?

The main reason which makes the lips dry

If you are not drinking enough water in a day, then lip dryness is a common problem. Women love to apply different colors of lipsticks. They buy smudge-free lipsticks that stay for longer hours. Sometimes they forget to remove the lipstick before going to bed, which makes their lips rough. Make sure that you are buying branded lip balms to avoid such problems. Lipsticks are made from chemical substances, which cause frustration when applied in a soft area. If your lips get worse after applying lipstick, you are not using good quality lip balm. If your lips are rough, then you should buy the lipstick for dry lips. Now let’s discuss some of the factors which cause dryness.

-Irritants in toothpaste-

Doing a brush is very important to keep your mouth fresh and clean. Whenever you brush your teeth, rub your lips with the same brush to remove dry skin. It helps in removing the dirt particles. Sometimes the toothpaste contains sodium sulfate, which irritates. So whenever you buy the toothpaste, check its ingredients. Always buy branded or Ayurveda toothpaste. Immediately change your toothpaste if you think that your paste is not suitable for you.

Why Are Lips Still Dry When Using Lipstick?


When your body has a lack of water, it leads to dehydration. It makes the skin rough, especially the sensitive parts like lips. the weather condition plays a vital role in body dehydration because when the weather is dry, the chance of chapped lips is more. To avoid dryness, the person should drink at least 2 L of water in a day. Drinking water balances the level of dehydration in the body. Therefore you should use the best lipstick for dry lips when the weather is arid. Branded lipsticks have a good moisturizer.

-Low-quality lipsticks-

Women buy low-quality lipsticks because they are cheaper. Applying weak quality lip bands can cause many problems like irritation and peeling of dry skin. The person should always buy the best lipstick to avoid such issues in the future. It is evident that branded lipsticks are costly, but they are safe. So it’s better to buy expensive lipsticks in the beginning as it does not harm your lips. The best part about high-quality lipstick is that they give shining and cures roughness. Whenever you buy a lipstick from an online website, make sure that they are not sending replica products.

-The habit of licking lips-

Sometimes people think that after applying lipstick, their lips become dry. This statement is untrue if you lick your lips. Licking of lips is a nasty habit as it makes the mouth dry when it comes in contact with air. Do not blame your lipstick every time because sometimes your habits are the reason behind your problems. In some cases, people buy the lipstick as they think that their previous lip balm is not suitable. But then also their mouths become dry then it is understood that it is because of licking habit. Before changing your makeup, items, make sure that you are not having any bad habit.

-Improper schedule-

The main reason for dry lips is disturbed daily routine. When the person does not sleep on time and wake up late, their body gets misbalanced. So whenever you apply lipstick, your lips become dry because your body is already dehydrated. Eating fast food and fried food irritates when it comes to contact with your lips when you eat by mouth.eat green vegetables and fruits to keep your lips pink and soft.

Avoid using lipstick every time

Why Are Lips Still Dry When Using Lipstick?

  • Use lipstick whenever required, and don’t keep it for a long time. Girls become addicted to using lipstick, so whenever they step out of their house, they wear lipstick. The person should only use lipstick when it is highly required; otherwise, use lip balm. The chemical percentage in lip balms is quite less than lipsticks.
  • In the market, you will find different colors in balm, which makes your lips pink and red. So you should increase the use of lip balm instead of lipsticks. Moreover, clean your lips when you reach your home. Use makeup cleanser to remove the smudge-free lipsticks. If you are not cleaning your lips on time, then your lips will get rough.
  •  Try to buy lipstick, which has fewer chemicals. The main reason behind dry lips is that the person is not using the right quality product. Sometimes people use other’s lipstick, which does not suit them and causes dryness to their lips. Don’t worry if you are facing such problems because there are many home remedies to cure it. Continuously applying lipstick makes the lips brown.

To sum up with

To conclude here, we have the problem of dry lips after using lipstick. Lips are the most sensitive part of the body, so the person should moisture them regularly. Moreover, we have discussed some of the factors which cause roughness. If you are applying lipstick, make sure that you are cleaning your lips properly before going to bed. In addition to this, always buy best lipsticks for dry lips otherwise your lips will not look good.

What Is the Difference Between Clarifying Shampoo and Regular Shampoo?

To clean your hair and scalp from dust particles, shampoos play an essential role in daily life, followed by a compatible conditioner to nourish your hair. Whenever you wash hair with shampoo, it removes all the natural oils from the scalp. It is easy to figure out that every brand formulates all the ingredients with the selection of different temperature rates and more. Most of the time, they add chemically originated preservatives, which increase the expiry date by years.

Apparently, the use of ingredients makes a huge difference in terms of the effectiveness and safety of best clarifying shampoo for fine hair. There are two types of shampoos available, mainly, which are regular and clarifying.  A regular shampoo not only comes for an affordable price, but they are also widely preferred due to intense availability. Looking at the contrast side, clarifying shampoos are less common, and buyers don’t usually pay much attention during the purchase due to high prices.

Difference Between Clarifying Shampoo and Regular Shampoo?

However, there are numerous differences that you can find by looking at the ingredients used in manufacturing both. The below mentioned are key differences

Natural or chemically originated

Regular shampoos are those shampoos that are full of chemical products and usually harmful for your hair and scalp. It makes your hair more rough and dry as compared to the clarifying shampoos. Such type of shampoos is good for washing but can harm your hair by damaging the quality of the hair. Regular shampoos are made with chemical related products that help to clean your hair. Hair is the most important part of a person’s life to look different and attractive.

Whereas, clarifying shampoos are the best shampoos for the safety of the hair and for their long term stability. Clarifying shampoo is good to use as compared to the regular shampoos as it doesn’t contain any chemicals in it. These shampoos are very safe and help to grow your hair faster. These shampoos are naturally originated as compared to the regular shampoos which are originated from chemical products.


Difference Between Clarifying Shampoo and Regular Shampoo?


Regular shampoos are very dangerous and harmful for your hair as well as scalp. As we talked about the ingredients, you can clearly see that regular shampoo contains harmful chemicals. They can block all the open pores and which leads to acne problems, dandruff, and many other problems. These shampoos are very unsafe for your scalp, as these are hard to wash and make your scalp dry. It causes itching problems, which leads to scalp scratching and can cause eczema on the scalp.

Whereas, clarifying shampoos help clear all the build-ups such as natural oils, hardness, etc. These shampoos are very helpful in reducing dandruff and make your hair split ends free. It would be best if you used these shampoos once or twice a week to make your hair shinier and smoother. These are safer as compared to the regular shampoos because they are the best clarifying shampoo for fine hair. Such shampoos are very safe because it contains natural ingredients and sulfates free.


Regular shampoos are cheap as compared to the clarifying shampoos because they include various ingredients that are low quality. These shampoos are cheap, as well as not safe for the scalp and hair. People find regular shampoos good just because of their price; they think if the shampoo is cheap, then it means they are safe and good quality. Such shampoos make your hair look great at once but afterward turn them into dry and dull in appearance. Regular shampoos catch all the shine of the hair and make them more rough and frizzy.

Whereas, clarifying shampoos are the best as compared to the regular shampoos because these are sulfate-free and chemicals free. These shampoos provide natural shine and byline to the hair and provide proper nourishment to the scalp. These shampoos are comfortable to use and buy as they are affordable and help you to have a different look and style. It helps to make your hair more silky and shiny by providing them proper nourishment.


Regular shampoos are acceptable for the price for hair, but they are not that much effective as compared to the clarifying shampoos. These shampoos are not so safe for the hair as it negatively affects your hair a lot. As you know that chemical-based ingredients are used in the manufacturing of regular shampoos, they might have some side effects. If your scalp is healthy and using regular shampoos with caution, then these are reliable. But if your scalp health isn’t that good, probably due to dryness or oily nature, then regular shampoos can worsen the situation.

On the other hand, clarifying shampoos are derived from natural ingredients which are safe and doesn’t have any side effect; they are highly effective at the same time. They not only clear sweat and dirt, but they nourish your scalp at the same time. It leads to a safer selection, and anyone can prefer clarifying shampoos blindly. These shampoos are the best clarifying shampoo for fine hair to make them more healthy and safe.

Value for Money

Regular shampoos are acceptable for the hair, but they harm your scalps as well as hair a lot. These shampoos give you the proper utilization of the money, but later it damages your hair and scalps a lot. These shampoos are full of chemicals that lead to severe hair loss.

Whereas, clarifying shampoos are the best and provide you the proper utilization of your money. These shampoos help you to make your hair smoother and shinier and help to stop hair fall. Spending money on clarifying shampoos gives you proper benefits to your hair in the future. These shampoos provide a very smooth and safe texture to the hair.

Wrap It Up

According to the points mentioned above can help you in understanding the differences between regular and clarifying shampoos. From both shampoos, clarifying shampoos are the best clarifying shampoo for fine hair as it contains natural ingredients and products.

Is It Safe to Use Nail Polish During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the phase of life in which the women have to face several changes in body and mind as you might have heard about the stretch marks and the mood swings; these are some of the most things that people are aware of. But there are a lot more things that a woman needs to take care of during the pregnancy, and it is the most delicate period in which they undergo several more physical and mental changes.

Is It Safe to Use Nail Polish During Pregnancy

First time pregnant women need to know about nails polish?

First time pregnant women need to know several things that they need to take care of as prevention from the harmful substances can lead them towards a healthy and happy pregnancy period. There are some myths about the application of nail polish during pregnancy, as they are not safe to apply in such a delicate period. Still, the pregnant woman can apply the safe nail polish during pregnancy. They need to get reliable products that have been made by the reputed brand.

The reliable products from the reputed brands provide you surety as they are safe to use, but pregnant women should avoid applying nail paints more often. The numerous chemicals in it can make them face several health issues, which is not good at all, though the nails hardly absorb anything still, the prevention is better than cure. In this article, we are going to guide what things you should during the pregnancy and what things you need to avoid during the pregnancy period.

At the following points, we have described some essential points that you need to know if you are pregnant, and the information mentioned below will help you to gain more information regarding the do’s and don’ts during the pregnancy. These things will serve the readers with required and essential information that they need to know. So without investing much time, let’s head towards them to gain more information regarding the above things.

Are the nail paints safe to apply during pregnancy?

The nails paints are safe to use during the pregnancy, and pregnant women should avoid applying nails paints regularly as they contain several chemicals which can be harmful during the pregnancy period, the pregnancy period is the most delicate period in which the pregnant women needs to take care of her to sustain better health of the baby inside her belly.

If you are fond of nail paints, you can apply it, and you are allowed to apply nail paint removers as well during the pregnancy as the nail paints certain chemicals that can be potentially harmful. Still, it won’t harm you until you consume it on a regular amount. You can consider applying the Safe nail polish during pregnancy

What things should you do, and what things you need to avoid during the pregnancy?

For the first timers, it is their new beginning for their life, and they need to take care of several precautions that can lead to a healthy and happy pregnancy period. The pregnancy process is the most delicate process in pregnant women needs to take care of several things. At the following points, we have described some of them to serve them sufficient information regarding the activities that they need to take care of. So without investing much time, let’s head towards them:

Is It Safe to Use Nail Polish During Pregnancy

Avoid applying hair color

During the pregnancy period, you should avoid applying the hair color as the hair color consists of several chemicals that can be harmful during the pregnancy period. The chemical used in hair dye are proficient in affecting the baby’s health and condition, and they are capable of developing childhood cancers, which is not good at all. These are the reason which denotes you should apply the hair color or hair dye during the pregnancy.

You should get a massage

The massage is the most relaxing wonderful process that helps you to relieve stress from your daily life. Pregnant women are unable to get proper sound sleep as it is a common problem during the pregnancy process, so getting a massage will be beneficial for them to relax their body. If you want to lie on your belly, don’t worry, the spa parlor has specially designed cut-out tables so you will not face any trouble during the massage.

Prefer doing the manicure and pedicure

If you want to be relaxed and enjoy life during the pregnancy as well, then you need to get a manicure and pedicure that will help you to get clean and maintained fingers and toes. The nice and clean fingers and toes will make you more confident and happier that will give several benefits to the baby inside your belly.

Here we are with some frequently asked questions

Can the nail polish fumes cause harm to the baby?

The nails absorb a fewer amount of nail paint fumes that hardly cause any damage to the baby, so it is entirely safe to apply the nail paint during the pregnancy but do not overuse it. preferably you can consider applying the Safe nail polish during pregnancy.

Mention some edibles that you should avoid during the pregnancy.

There are several things or the edibles that you should avoid during the pregnancy, and at the following points, we have mentioned some of them for the ease of the pregnant women.

  • You should avoid eating the high- mercury fish as the mercury can be a highly toxic element
  • Pregnant women should avoid having the undercooked or the raw fish especially shellfish it is proficient in causing several infections
  • Avoid eating the raw eggs
  • You should avoid having the organ meat

The peroration

We are here with a closure that is the nails paints are safe to use during the pregnancy, but you need to apply is up to a certain amount and avoid using it regularly. The chemicals in the nail paints can be harmful during the pregnancy, but the nails hardly absorb it, so applying nail paints will not cause any damage if you use it limitedly. We hope the information mentioned above have helped you to know more regarding the application of nail paints during pregnancy.

When to Use Face Mask in Routine?

The face mask is the most essential skincare routine step which everyone should include in their routine to get better and healthy skin. These are effective and relaxing as their application on all over your face help to even the skin tone.

In this article, we are studying when to use best Japanese mask in routine. So let us get into the in-depth study about when should one go for the use of these face masks.

Face care routine step

Face care routine step

Face care is the most delicate thing which an individual could practice. You need to fix your face routine right for getting the better result for your skin. According to the Korean skincare routine, you need to follow up on the ten-step routine, which balances your skin tone and compliments your complexion. Korean face care routine is the most adopted face care routine, which has provided results to millions, but with time japanese care routine has taken over it. Face mask allows you to have great skin and lesser the skin problems with its optimal use.

The usual face care routine cleansing, exfoliation, toning, serum along with several other steps,  and the face mask is the last in the row. This might be last, but surely the most effective step of your whole regime.

The face mask is used as the last step of your skincare routine is because it balances merely all the toners and serum, which you have applied all over your face. The face mask helps your skin to set all the products deep into it and hence results in glowing, bright, and healthy skin.

How does the face mask work for the face?

The face mask is considered as the golden step of skincare routine. Have you ever wondered what the results we are going to get after the optimal use of these face masks are? So here we are enlisting some of the benefits of making regular use of the Japanese face mask in your daily care routine:

  1. Refines your open skin pores: the regular application of these face masks can help you out in making your skin clean and clear along with more refined pores of your skin. It helps in deep cleansing the pores and also helps to remove the dead skin cells from your skin pores. As our skin pores usually get clogged with dirt, excessive oil, and other impurities that cannot be pulled out with cleansing and exfoliating your skin.
  2. Hydrate your skin: face mask helps your skin to have moisture in it and finely complete the need of hydration in your skin. It is best for the people having dry skin types as their skin is in need to have proper hydration, and applying the appropriate layer of face mask can help their skin to repair and get younger effects.
  3. Diminishes the fines lines: with aging, our body and face start reflecting our age. So to avoid that, you can take the help of these face masks. These face masks can assist you in reducing the fine lines all over your face and helps to tighten the loose skin.

When to use a face mask in routine?

When to Use Face Mask in Routine?

You have understood it nicely that face mask is useful for your skin, but you should be considerate about their application as when to apply these face masks to get better skincare results. Once you have known what to use now, you need to figure out when to apply it entirely depends on your skin need.

For cleansing

If you are using these face masks for cleansing, then you need to determine your skin type. If you have dry skin, then making its use at night might absorb all your moisture, then you should consider it in for the day. Those with oily skin should use these face masks at night just before sleep; if they use it in the morning then it will open their skin pores and make space for dirt and excessive oil production.

For hydrating

Hydration is misunderstood as moisturizing well, and it is an entirely different step. Hydration makes your skin look moisturized and healthy by providing it the right texture and moisture. So for this, you need to hydrate this at night regardless of your skin type.

How to use the mask properly?

The face mask is the clean paper sheet that you need to apply very cautiously over your face. You should be known for its proper applying process. I am here stating in listing how to use the face mask properly:

  1. Clean your hands: our hands include most of the dirt particles as we keep touching our dirty things with our bare hands. So you should first clean your hand from all the impurities on your hand.
  2. Get your brushes: you need to get your soft-bristle masks for your skin. You need to apply the face mask accurately over your face mask. It will help your skin to get applied a proper layer of face mask. Good quality brushes help your skin by application of an appropriate layer of face mask.
  3. Exfoliate before face mask: before face mask application, you need to pull out all the dirt particles, excessive oils from all your face to get the benefit of face mask. Exfoliating before the application will shed off the dead skin from your face and have smooth skin ready for a face mask. Use face mask for better results of your skin.

The bottom line

In the above article, we have overlooked the multiple attributes of the face mask. The right way of application of face mask, its benefits, and many other things which might help you to have the proper skincare routine with this face mask. You can make use of the Japanese face mask, which will help you to get healthy and clean skin. The information mentioned above will help you to get healthy skin with the right skincare step of face mask. So get your healthy, glowing, and natural skin with the best face mask.

Look Out for These Ingredients to Keep Skin Safe During Pregnancy

Being a pregnant means your going to experience things you wouldn’t expect. Body will transform in so many ways. Skin stretches to abnormal proportions. Hair feels thick and out of place. Pain might start to jolt up in the thighs. Yes, you going to go through a lot of changes. Sadly, you are also going to use certain products and that can be a issue. A issue because the products have ingredients that can affect your skin which can affect your baby. Read more about this below.

Avoid products With Retoniods

Retoniods are not chemicals most people will tell you are bad. Retoniods, are strong anti-agent chemicals that is used to regenerate skin cells. Despite that, they are bad for pregnant women and that is why you should avoid. Vitamin A is locked into the ingredients. Vitamin A is very bad for baby. The baby can be injected with too much vitamin A and become deformed. Vitamins that enter your body travel to the baby and you. Don’t ever take a vitamin thinking it goes to you only. Buy products tailored for pregnancy to avoid getting a high dosage of any vitamin.

Furthermore, pregnancy products tend to be well balanced for pregnant women. Treats acne you don’t want to have and provide additional skin protection for smooth skin.When looking for the best face cream for pregnancy, look for a cream that is made for pregnant women. Any product you buy must be made for pregnant women. Pregnant women have very delicate bodies. They need treatment that fits their changing weak body type.

Salicylic Acid Used Too Much is Bad

Salicylic acid is recommended by doctors to be used in small instances. Unfortunately, the acid is used with most beauty products today. Woman might get sick from using a lipstick liner. Chemical is in a lot of stuff. Avoid using too much beauty product with salicylic acid. For example, If you want to put a huge amount of lipstick on, consider getting lipstick without salicylic acid. Do what is needed to avoid causing  your baby problems after birth. After all, you do want your baby to have no problems right?

To add, when face cream for face, make sure it doesn’t have salicylic acid in it. Though, most women tend to ignore the concept of all beauty products affect pregnant child. I think I need to say it clearly again. Women like washing their face and there is nothing wrong with this. Moreover, there is nothing wrong with looking good every day for the outside world to touch. While, need to ensure the face product has no salicylic acid in it. Faces tend to absorb a high amount of chemicals. Imagine what damage the baby could have mentally or physically. Always use the best face cream for pregnancy on the market. Do not go cheapo because its your child on the line.

What Remedies Should One Use to Treat Dandruff?

Dandruff is a common hair condition that produces large amounts of white and grey flakes on scalp. One way to fix the problem, use a clear complete care product that can reduce the fungus bacteria lying on your head. Dandruff is mostly harmless to the average victim. However, it can cause one to scratch hair more then usual. This could lead to future hair loss if not kept in check. Seeing a doctor would help you get a wash product that will get rid of the problem but that can be expensive. If your looking for a home remedy to get rid of the problem, try viewing one of these alternatives below. Save money anyway you can right?

Wash Hair With Apple Cider Vinegar

Putting some apple cider vinegar on your scalp is very effective. Using apple cider vinegar allows your hair to reduce the growing malassezia fungus growing on your head. Your scalp gains a lot of dead skin cells over time. This can cause your hair to flake up more naturally. Wash your hair up with apple cider vinegar and the best anti-dandruff shampoo for men to give your hair twice the dandruff protection. It seems like a lot to use both. But, you will get rid of that dandruff in a couple weeks faster. Overall, getting rid of dandruff should be the main goal to use apple cider vinegar on your hair.

Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a natural home remedy that can be used easily. You probably have a bottle of coconut oil lying around your house. If not, someone you know has something that contains coconut oil. The oil has natural anti-fungal abilities. The anti-fungal reduces the number of flakes in damaged scalps. The oil also comes with vitamin E inside, which is something your body needs to boost its immune system. Your body will have a stronger immune system and you will be better protected from outside chemical threats as a result. In addition, coconut oil repairs the damage you may have in the inside and outside of your scalp. If you are I need of a deep clean and dandruff removal product use coconut oil. Using this product with best anti-dandruff shampoo for men will lessen the time it takes for your hair to be dandruff free.

Put Some Tea Oil In Hair

Tea oil might be the best home remedy to use to get rid of dandruff. This oil works hard to remove the itchiness, dryness, fungi, and irritation you may feel on your scalp. Tea oil is a natural remedy so your body welcomes it. Regular usage, provides you with high hair moisturizer and a clear scalp. The process will not happen very quickly. To be precise, It could take about 2 to 6 weeks for the dandruff to be fully gone. But, many have claimed that using tea oil on hair is the best way to get rid of dandruff.

Knowing the Right Body Wash Can Be Quite Helpful

Each person on this Earth has different skins, which means you need to know the right body wash to use. That’s right, we each have a specific body type that requires a very specific body wash. Body wash for dry skin is for people who have dry skin. Its not too hard to remember. I am sure after using and finding your body wash skin type for a few weeks you will be fully informed. Believe me there is not thing to worry. Want to know more about using body wash on skin? Read what we have to say below.

Body Wash for Dry Skin

Choosing body wash for dry skin needs to be chosen with a creamer wash instead of a gel wash. Cream wash does not contain any soap. It is the best men’s body wash for dry skin to use. Cream wash makes it easier for people with dry skin to dry the beauty product fast. The stuff you put on your skin needs to dry out fast so it doesn’t absorb into the skin. Once it absorbs in, the skin may have a bad reaction to it and be prompted to harden. Soften your skin and go for a smoother skin experience by using cream body wash to wash dry skin.

The reason your skin is very dry is because the skin absorbs the wrong chemicals. It could be from the water you use to wash your skin or the soap you use. Pay very close attention to the product you use to wash dry skin. Any product you use that causes problems, must be removed from your beauty collection immediately to prevent it from causing more harm.

Body Wash for Dull Skin

Whether you want to admit it or not, your skin gets dull some days and needs a certain body wash to revamp. There are about three things you need to do to make your dull skin smooth. You first need to make sure you drink enough water. Water helps the body hydrate regularly and adds a smooth layer to skin. I know you like drinking beer and juice, but try sipping some old water to help your body look balanced. Next, add a substance to your skin that can be rubbed. Add something like a cleanser, coco butter, or a specific beauty oil. This helps the skin become more relaxed and releases the tension that makes your skin tough. Your skin needs some stretching too. Last thing, you need to hydrate your skin by using body wash. Use best men’s body wash for dry skin if you have dry skin. That one tends to work quite well for men with dry skin.

Try to do these things three to 4 days a week. Your body needs to absorb the right chemicals and soap to look its best each day. The body won’t outright say it to your face. You got make sure you don’t forget to do it. Make you skin look its best by putting things on it to force a change.

Huda beauty Liquid matte review – gossip gurl, venus


The huda beauty liquid matte are probably the most hyped product of 2016. They are still very much impossible to find but let’s just say I got my hands on two shades – gossip gurl and venus. I’m going to review them for you and let you decide whether it’s worth the hype or not.


The huda beauty liquid matte are highly comfortable, long wear liquid lipstick that dries matte with intense color pay-off and transfer-proof properties.This product is cruelty-free and free of gluten.


Please note: the color’s appearance may vary based on skintone once set.

The huda beauty liquid matte in venus is best described as a muted brown, a very close dupe to Mac cosmetics matte lipstick in velvet teddy.


It will suite most skin tones and pared with a smokey eye you can achieve the classic 70s makeup look . It’s also a perfect daily lip colour that would go with any look.


The huda beauty liquid matte in gossip gurl is a soft rose Pink with hues if brown warmth . It is a feminine lip colour can be described as my lips but better .Perfect for the girl next door look . You can pair gossip gurl with a neutral warm eye . Again this colour is very universal and would suite most skin tones and colours.


The huda beauty liquid matte go on very smoothly on your lips. The applicator makes is very easy to glide the product over your lip and give an even application.  These babies are so pigment that they can be worn alone without a lip liner . The liquid matte shaded that I have tried are not streaky at all and have good opacity.

When you initially apply the liquid lipstick on your lips it feels very light weight and wet . After a good 15 sec they start to set . So you do have some time to play around with the product .Once they go matte it like they are set in stone . The liquid matte doesn’t form crusty bits on the inner part of your lip , no budging, no smudging and no peeling at all. They last all day. I didnot expect the much longevity from a product of this price range. They also dry true to colour and do not go dark or light when compared to other liquid matte lipsticks. The huda beauty liquid matte feel very comfortable on your lip, they don’t dry it out.

The packaging of the liquid matte is sleek and stylish .They retail for 27$ on  the website

The ONE Eye Liner Stylo – Black and Blue Review and swatches


Product Description :
The ONE Eye Liner stylo is a custom-ed made eyeliner for easy and precise application . It has a felt tip from which the liquid liner dispenses . The ONE Eye Liner stylo contains 0.8ml of product . The Felt tip is tapered to give you the perfect cat flick .The Liner itself is very pigmented and long lasting , without loosing its color intensity . The ONE Eye Liner Stylo is available in two colour – Black and Blue .
My Take !
Im a Liner junkie , because I practically wear it everyday and it is a crucial part of my look . I have tried drugstore to high end liners and for me only a few make the cut . Let me tell you this is amazing. The ONE Eye Liner Stylo has the perfect tapered felt tip which helps you create several eye liner styles – basic thin , cat flick , winged , anything . The liner also dispenses the perfect amount of product which is very important . I can apply a basic flick in one go and the tip never feels dry of tacky.
The ONE Eye Liner Stylo has a shiny finish , which I like . It slightly reflects the light . The ONE Eye Liner Stylo is available is two shades – Black and Blue . The black is the blackest I have ever seen , to be honest it reminds me of MAC black Track in terms of pigmentation .The Blue is more of a cobolt / Navy blue and it is gorgeous . This shade would look amazing on brown eyes and also great to add a little something to spruce up your makeup look.
Both are very reasonably priced especially for the quality your getting . They are long lasting . It did not smudge or budge at all , I had to use a makeup remover to get it off .I haven’t stopped using this since I got my hands on it .

NEW ! L’Oreal Paris Infallible Range


L’Oréal Paris introduces 15 gorgeous new shades of InfallibleLipsticks , from subdued Neutrals to lively , vibrant shades now enjoy 10 hours of vivid, high definition colour and shine .


Looking for a lipstick that makes it through your morning coffee and lasts till your evening wine ? Do you have complaints like too sticky ,too dull ,fades easily- while choosing a lip colour ? LO’real Paris has found a solution to your lip color woes .


L’Oréal Paris introduces 15 gorgeous  new shades of Infallible Lip Colour for luxurious,comfortable and long lasting lip colour.The new range boasts of classic favorites updated with a broad spectrum of exciting new colors,from subdued neutrals to lively, vibrant shades.

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Now enjoy 10 hours of vivid,high definition colour of your choice,whilst the hydrating vitamin E keeps your lips moist and relaxed.
Based on L’Oréal Paris’Color Bond Technology formula,Infallible Lipstickcontains a combinationof silicon micro spheres that ensure only the richest lip colour is left on  a woman’s lips.This exceptional formula fused with a expansive palette of hues promises a lip look for any desired occasion from a delicate  whisper of color to a vibrant red.
L’Oréal Paris  Infallible Lipstick is your true colour payoff in a creamy,conditioning base that applies evenly without flaking or fading.These bold,luscious shades last all day long,making itthe ultimate beauty indulgence.