Saturday, 22 June 2013

Strea -NANOCEUTICALS - NANO WHITE - First Impression

Description :
Nano white is the perfect combination of 3 effective and safe active ingredients - ascorbic acid , alpha - arbutin and Licorice extract.This Formula works synergistically to break up any hyper pigmentation with efficacy and good tolerance.
Thanks to this combination , NANO WHITE fights against pigmentation disorders :

  • Acting on the melanin Overproduction ,
  • Protecting from UV damages
  • Working as a powerful antioxidant and regenerating Vitamin E

This advanced whitening serum is the perfect formula to flight against hyper pigmentation - Dark spots and to improve the overall healthy of your skin .
How to use :

Apply 2-3 drops of NANO WHITE serum with the help of the Dropper to the entire face and massage gently till the penetration of the serum .
My First impression  !

This serum was recommended by my dermatologist as a primer before applying make up . I have allot of weddings coming up next month . Since my skin is very sensitive and make-up does seem to irritate it resulting in redness or acne .  The Strea NANO WHITE  is a serum that hydrates the skin at the same time it acts as a barrier between my skin care and make up . The serum prevents any bacteria to enter into the skin. 

The NANO WHITE also cures any skin pigmentation disorders . It can be applied after your normal skin care and also on its own . It looks like oil but after you apply it on your skin it feels like water and easily absorbs into the skin.It is very runny just like water, which makes it easy to work with. This is also where the dropper comes into use as you will not end up wasting the product or  creating a mess.

 It has a mild fragrance like flowers but the smell disappears in no time .My skin does look glowy not greasy or oily which I like . The main function of NANO WHITE serum to keep your skin looking healthy .The redness has reduced allot with this product.  I would recommend the  NANO WHITE for people who wear make - up allot or people who live in dry countries.
Available in Dr Reddys Pharmacy