Sunday, 4 March 2012

Curly Hair - How to use a diffuser

I have naturally curly hair. Usually in summer I prefer my hair curly as it is easy to do in the morning. The main element of styling is my diffuser. It comes with many hair dryers. Though I am not sure whether it is sold alone. For anyone with curly hair I would highly recommend this. It looks like a bowl with combs. I know funny right? It took me quite some time to perfect it. Now I will share with you a step by step procedure of how to diffuse your hair like a pro. 
STEP 1 :
Start with wet hair. Add Any leave in serum to help with untangling your hair. Take a wide tooth comb and comb through your hair. I know you might think this is going to break down the curl but that is not true. After untangling you hair you are going to part it
Once you are done parting you hair bring all the sections in front. As in let all the hair lie on your shoulder don't leave it behind on your back. Run you  hands through the hair. This will help separate the hair. Don't use a brush use your hand. Make sure that your hair are not in clumps together. 
This is where you will start applying your product. Start with one side of your hair. Take a marble size amount of gel ( I prefer Garnier Fructis Strong ) and work this through your hair from the root ( avoid scalp) to the tip. Constantly combing with your hands to make sure the hair does not clump together. Now tilt your head to the direction of the part. For example if you are doing your left part then tilt your head to the left. You can begin scrunching. Add more gel if needed. Follow up one the other side. I prefer to add mousse. It helps to control frizz
STEP 4 :
Once you are done you can take your diffuser. Gather all your hair into the diffuser and press the diffuser to your scalp. Your a basically gathering it in the bowl and then bringing the blow dryer towards your head.Turn the blow dryer on medium heat. Keep it there for a whole minute( time it ). Then switch it off and let the hair sit for about 10 seconds before releasing it. This is the technique. Now you can either section your hair further and do it or do it in two section.

Points to remember:
  1. Do not move the diffuser up and down when it is on. This will cause frizz.
  2. Do not run hands through hair once diffused
  3. You can take as small to large sections depending on hair type and texture.
  4. Do not add products after diffusing
Good luck !