Thursday, 7 April 2016

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Vegan Beauty Craze lands in Wojooh!

Beauty buffs and make-up maestros can now get their hands on their favourite ‘Vegan friendly’

cleansing sponges at Wojooh stores. The Konjac Sponge Company have quickly amassed a cult following thanks to the impressive results of their ‘Must Have’ beauty tools!As much as we love dabbling in the latest make up trends it’s important to remove all of your makeup at night before bed, and given that this can be a lengthy process, many of us are guilty of skipping it which can result in blocked pores and skin flare ups. Pop some of your favourite cleanser on to your Konjac sponge for a fuss free deep clean. Make up mishaps can also be tackled with the NEW handy Konjac Eye Cleansing Pads, which are the gentler and ECO efficient alternative to traditional cotton pads. Each sponge is produced by hand with an emphasis on creating a product with a fine cell structure and the ultimate in softness that still delivers great exfoliation and cleansing. Short on time for a trip to the spa? Treat yourself to a Konjac sponge to get you on your way, to radiant, smooth skin which is the perfect base for flawless makeup.

The sponges are created from the Konjac potato, a plant native to Asia and a totally natural food source, made up with 97% water and rich in mineral goodness. Given that it is naturally alkaline, it is super kind to even the most sensitive skin. Konjac sponges are free from chemicals, colouring and irritants and completely biodegradable meaning you can do your bit for the planet through your beauty routine. The sponges proudly carry the Leaping Bunny and Vegan Society symbol as part of the Konjac Sponge Company’s commitment to cruelty free skincare. 

The Konjac Sponge Company is available in Wojooh stores in the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai, Sahara Centre in Sharjah and Marina Mall, Khalidiya Mall, and Mushrif Mall in Abu Dhabi. Ras al Khaimah residents can pick up their Konjac sponge in Naeem Mall. The Konjac Sponge Company is also stocked in Holland and Barrett, The Organic Café, and Prices start from Dhs75. Visit to find out more.

Mikyajy Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick

Say hello to the latest addition to your beauty kit – Mikyajy’s Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick! With a long-lasting formula that’s made to stay on for up to 24 hours, this nifty little beauty hero is the brand’s best solution for on-the-go glam. With a creamy texture, the shadow stick just glides, making it very easy to apply and blend. It leaves a variety of finishes, from semi-matte to a gorgeous pearlescent glow. This lightweight pen is sweat-, water-, smudge-, crease-, everything-proof, so you’re sure your eye makeup will stay on all-day and all-night.

The Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick is now available at Mikyajy stores across the Middle East @ AED 49 each.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Korean Skincare – What’s the Secret? Skin Republic give us a heads up!

“Investment, innovation and a dash of obsessive thinking have made Korean skin care the single biggest beauty influence of the present day” – Vogue

You’d be hard pressed to come across a Korean woman who doesn’t have flawless, beautiful skin. Ever wondered why? It’s because Koreans tend to view caring for their skin as the ultimate investment. Most perform an intricate 10-step cleansing and moisturising routine – every single night and which almost always ends in the use of an ultra-hydrating sheet mask.

Traditionally women in the West were taught to cover up their blemishes with makeup and that skin care was more of a chore. Because of the rise in popularity of Korean cosmetics we are seeing a shift towards a more skin centric beauty regime – with fresh, luminous skin and the ‘no makeup’ look trending at fashion shows and in glossy magazines.Not only has Korean women’s near-mythical skin care regime caught the West’s attention but also the sheer volume of innovative products coming out of the Korean beauty sector.

Ever since the BB cream takeover in 2012 industry insiders and consumers have become obsessed with Korean skin care. The hype for the countries offerings has even eclipsed Japan, which has long been known as the beauty innovator in Asia. In fact, Marie Claire dubbed Korea the new skincare superpower, calling them 12 years ahead of skin care innovation globally. So why the infatuation?“We’re seeing so much innovation come out of Korea and with globalization it’s coming a lot faster,” Erin Flaherty, Marie Claire US health and beauty director. “Korea is the new France when it comes to beauty and skin care.” From never seen before textures and applicators to cutting edge ingredients, Korea is the mecca for skin care innovation.

Intense competition (there are 112 beauty stores packed into just 8 adjacent street blocks in Seoul, Korea), coupled with Korean’s sky high standards and keen appetite for skin care products, has resulted in a hyper-competitive, incredibly innovative industry that's at the forefront of the beauty world“Fierce competition in the Korean beauty sector has fuelled innovation resulting in some of the most advanced beauty products the world has ever seen” says Samantha Wilson, director of Skin Republic.  Korean beauty products utilize the most effective Western ingredients - and so much more. 

Korean beauty heritage is steeped in natural ingredients passed down from generation to generation. This tradition continues today with formulations that tend to shun harsh chemicals and draw from nature’s restorative properties.Tried and tested ingredients combined with an impressively large repertoire that includes ground breaking ingredients such as Epidermal Growth Factor, Stem Cell Plant Protein and Platinum, their advanced formulations can deliver results you could not have hoped to have achieved before.

Not only are the formulations superior but the sheer number of targeted treatments is putting Korea on the map. With a plethora of masks from sheet masks, hydrogel masks and under eye patches to dual layered foot and hand masks and specifically designed neck and décolletage masks – if you’ve got a skin concern Korea’s got a mask to fix it. “We are in the early days, but we are completely convinced that the best of innovation will travel from the East to the West,” said Fabrice Weber, president of Asia Pacific for Estée Lauder Cos. “The most discerning skin-care consumers are Asian women and men.”Korean beauty inspired hysteria has even infiltrated the top echelons of society with celebrity endorsement gathering momentum. Over the past few months we’ve been seeing more and more celebrities snapping selfies proudly showing off their love for sheet masks.It’s no wonder Marie Claire US recently proclaimed Korea as the “new skin care super power”.

So what can we look forward to? “We’re experiencing a paradigm

shift in the world of beauty. Before we looked to Western markets such as France for beauty trends and innovation, now our sights are firmly set on Korea. Scrubs and peels are having a big moment in Korea. We’re also seeing a trend towards carbonated skin care products and highly specialized products such as nail masks.” Says Samantha Wilson director of Skin Republic.

Skin Republic Masks have a three-year shelf life and are available from Spinney’s, Boots the Pharmacy and United Pharmacy across the UAE retailing from 22 AED. To learn more about the story of the Skin Republic brand, log on to

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Get cherry red lips with Mikyajy's new chubbies !

Classic red lips never go out of style. It’s any woman’s go-to and is amazingly season-proof so you can wear it all-year round! Get the look with Mikyajy’s new Cherries Lipstick Chubbies set. 

A collection of four sumptuous red shades packaged in a pretty lip-shaped tin, the new Cherries lippies are loaded with natural oils and waxes rich in vitamins and antioxidants to nourish and moisturize your lips. The result is a velvety matte finish, offering full coverage and high color impact that doesn’t smudge and lasts all day.

Grab the Cherries Lipstick Chubbies set for AED 109 from Mikyajy stores across the Middle East!

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Restore what nature takes with JOHNSON’S® Vita-Rich

You might not realize it, but winter months can leave your skin a little worse for wear: dull, dry and flaky all over, rough at the elbows and knees! Spring is the perfect time to treat yourself to a skincare reboot, and moisturisation from head to toes is the key.

Trust JOHNSON’S® Vita-Rich to restore what nature takes from your skin!  Our skin-loving formulations paired with our philosophy of simple-goodness replenish the moisture that was lost, restore essential nutrients, and leave your skin looking healthy, smelling great and feeling beautifully soft. Look and feel at your natural best!

JOHNSON’S® Vita-Rich range of body lotions are delightfully scented and packed with carefully chosen intense moisturizers and natural extracts that will restore the moisture and nourishment your skin needs to give you that healthy look and feel. Pick your favorite:

Ø  JOHNSON’S® Vita-Rich Smoothing Body Lotion: enriched with skin loving papaya extract and nourishing shea butter. Papaya has long been known to be a natural exfoliate and a popular ingredient in home remedies for skin toning. With these extracts, this luscious Vita-Rich lotion actively hydrates and makes your skin smooth.
Ø  JOHNSON’S® Vita-Rich Soothing Body Lotion: infused with skin loving rose water and nourishing shea butter. Rose water has traditionally been a staple in Middle Eastern households, used as a popular ingredient in soothing beauty home remedies. This pearly rose-scented body lotion will soothe your senses while actively hydrating your skin.

Ø  JOHNSON’S® Vita-Rich Brightening Body Lotion: formulated with skin loving pomegranate extract and nourishing shea butter. Pomegranates are high in antioxidants and other naturals that have become a popular ingredient in home recipes for their unique deep skin moisturizing and beautifying abilities. This creamy nourishing formula actively hydrates and helps to brighten your skin.

Ø  JOHNSON’S® Vita-Rich Replenishing Body Lotion: infused with skin loving natural raspberry extract and nourishing shea butter. Raspberry extracts are often used in organic hydrating creams to calm, tone and give your skin a natural glow and bounce! This rich velvety formula with its long-lasting berry fragrance actively helps to replenish dry skin.

JOHNSON’S® Vita-Rich body lotions are made with rich moisturizers like shea butter and glycerin that provide your skin with effective 24hr moisture, without compromising the smooth consistency that makes application easy and fast-absorbing. For best results, apply your favorite Vita-Rich lotion right after showering, while skin is still damp, to really lock in the moisture.

JOHNSON’S® Vita-Rich range is also available in body wash and bar soaps at leading modern convenience stores, hyper-markets and pharmacies across the GCC.

JOHNSON’S® Vita-Rich body lotions retail at AED 14.81 (250ml) and AED 19.95 (400ml).

Show your true colors with Mikyajy’s 22K Powder Matte lippies

Wear Spring 2016’s bold makeup statement on your lips
Looking for something to shake up your beauty look this season? Spring is all about reinvention, and there’s no better time to give your make up a complete overhaul. Turn heads before you even speak with Mikyajy’s latest offering for Spring 2016 – the 22K Powder Matte Lipstick. Featuring an ultra-matte, no-shine finish, this product demonstrates colour like no other as it does away with the distraction of gloss!

The texture is formulated from a selected blend of waxes and oils to achieve a unique smoothness that provides all-day comfort. Special ingredients also have been included in the formula to ensure that the lipstick stays on for a long time, so women can go about their busy schedules without frequent touch-ups. Spherical powder texturizers give the product a creamy velvet finish that sticks in a single stroke. As a matte lipstick, it is also virtually smudge free and won’t stick to your clothes like glossy options on the beauty shelves!
The resulting look is a beautiful cross between subtle and sophisticated that compliments your favorite outfits this season. Perfect to wear during the day, intense colour matte lips stands out and works superbly with barely-there makeup. In fact, it can serve as the highlight of your entire look which can definitely help if you’re short on time for full makeup!
The 22K Powder Matte Lipstick hits Mikyajy stores across the Middle East on March 18 for AED 69 each. A total of 12 delectable shades in reds, pinks and mauves are available so you can wear one that suits your mood and total look every day.